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Gutes für Gutes

GUTES FÜR GUTES is a donation initiative by independent designers

We are independent design studios, creative professionals and doers who manufacture high quality products in Germany or neighboring European countries. We believe in short production routes and production that can be scaled as required, adapts to demand and does not waste resources unnecessarily.⁠⠀
We are convinced that we as a society must take responsibility together and make a contribution. We designers see ourselves as part of this big picture.⁠⠀

In a time of slowed consumption, we want to draw attention to the variety of beautiful products with lasting value that are being designed and manufactured locally and nationally.⁠⠀

At the same time, we want to make a positive contribution to others and are now donating part of our sales to various organizations that are doing indispensable work at local and international level to contain the consequences of the corona crisis and save human lives in the process.⁠⠀

As small design labels, we are facing an uncertain future, but despite our own worries, we know that we in Germany will not survive this time unscathed but better than many other people in this world. In order to prevent the crisis from turning us into lone fighters, we want to face this situation with solidarity.⁠⠀
We believe that good design improves the quality of life and can also bring joy in times like these!⁠⠀


You can support the following projects with your purchase from us:

Amref Germany

There is a state of emergency in Germany and Europe. However, our health systems are extremely well positioned compared to those on the African continent. The dynamic spread of the corona virus and the possible extent of the outbreak will quickly overload African health systems, which are already under immense pressure. With a donation to Amref, people can be trained and equipment and protective clothing can be bought.n.⁠⠀


The ark

The children's project Die Arche is committed to permanently improving the living conditions of disadvantaged children and families in our country. Due to the closure of the Arche locations, the children will now have to forego free food for an indefinite period of time. With a donation, food parcels are put together and delivered to families in need. In addition, contact is maintained with the children via telephone, WhatsApp and visual media in order to ensure a social exchange and to learn and play online together.⁠



The corona virus will hit particularly hard those who already find it difficult to get legal and medical support. This also includes refugees at the EU's external borders. We do not want the Corona crisis to let the suffering of those seeking protection, the violence and the humanitarian catastrophe of the refugee camps take a back seat. When we speak of solidarity, we shouldn't neglect anybody, demands the Seebrücke organization. A donation supports them in their political and activist work for the interests of refugees.⁠


When making a purchase in our online shop, simply enter one of the following codes at checkout and we will donate 25% of the sales:

# gutenfuergutes-seebruecke
# good-for-good-amref
# good-for-good-arche

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